Improvised Shakespere Workshop Sunday at Magnet

by Ben Whitehouse.

Was pretty excited to sign up for this class over at Magnet Theater and as there is still a spot available before Sunday’s class, I thought I would bring it to your attention, if you didn’t know about it already. Forsooth!

Lawrence Olivier Hamlet


Take a risk! Learn how to create a fully improvised story using the language and themes of William Shakespeare! We’ll explore the use of heightened emotional responses, rich character subtext, finding the game within a scene, and developing a sense of play. Our class will be filled with power struggles, star-crossed lovers, sprites, kings, queens, princesses, sword-play, rhyming couplets, asides, insults, persons in disguise and all that we’ve come to expect from the pen of the Great Bard. One day workshop. Limit 16 students. Pre-requisite: Level One or equivalent experience.

Availability: OPEN
Instructor: Blaine Swen
Dates: January 25 (One Day Workshop)
Day: Sunday
Time: 3-6pm
Price: $50
Location: Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue 4th Floor, between 35th/36th Sts

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Remember: Your registration is not complete until you have paid.

*Cod piece not included