The Secunda Argument Wheel

by Ben Whitehouse.

Going through my improv notebook today, I found a wonderful description and questionable diagram from an improv 401 class I took with Billy Merritt back in 2007. The illustration depicts what Merritt described as the “Secunda Argument Wheel” lovingly named after his Swarm teammate Andrew Secunda.

What the digram illustrates, rather comically, is the idea of resting the game (point of interest, contention) and exploring something else in the scene. Returning to that point of interest heightens the scene and also rewards the players with a powerful pattern to play with.

I wish I had remembered this diagram last year when I took a class with Secunda, as I have no idea how he would react to anyone naming something the “Secunda Argument Wheel.” Although I do remember that Billy Merritt did preface the SAW as something he admired in Secunda’s playing.

If we hear about a retaliatory “Billy Merritt Wheel”, we’ll let you know.

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