Del Close Marathon 13

by Ben Whitehouse.

Ok kids, it’s that time once again. Time to spend 3 days in the sweltering underworlds of long form improvised comedy dungeons; forsaking your family, friends, children, and jobs to find out once and for all if a drug addicted maniac’s vision of art has made the world a better place. In other words…

Del Close Marathon 13!

As I missed last year’s marathon on account of a self enforced –improv sabbatical– I am really looking forward to this years festivities.

Unlike years past when I would give you long lists of things to see and places to go, I’ll deviate and instead say have fun. Experience everything and get sweaty and disgusting.

My one word of advice is treat DCM like a camping trip and get stuck in, forsaking showers and food – your improv will thank you.

I’m planning to be updating throughout the marathon with updates so stay tuned, but for the real story, make sure to check out the official DCM twitter hashtag #DCM13.

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