by Ben Whitehouse.

The authors of this website are made up of improvisers, actors, comics and general funny people. We are not writers by training, but we try our best to express ourselves in a coherent manner. We may not be the best writers you’ve ever read, but we’re passionate about the things we write about.

Ben Whitehouse

Ben WhitehouseStarted learning and performing improv way back in 2001 and has been obsessed with it ever since. He writes because he has to, but also has dyslexia so pardon the horrible grammar and misspelling – both of which her blames on the disease. He is often found sauntering around UCB Theater in various degrees of unshaveness and loves when people say hi. He lives in Astoria with Greeks and Italians. (He also hates writing in the third person, feeling it to be pretentious, but can find no other way to relate this information. He apologizes profusely for this.)

Ben has studied with Eliza Skinner, Shannon O’Neil, Neil Casey, Joe Wengert, Chris Gethard, Anthony King, Billy Merritt, Christina Gausas, Michael Delaney, Rob Riggle, Andrew Secunda, and Matt Walsh at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre New York. In addition, he has also studied with Armando Diaz of Magnet, Mark Sutton and Joe Bill of BASSPROV, Susan Kaessinger, and Jay Rhoderick of Centralia.

He performs semi-regularly with the 4 person group LD & The Scientist and musical powerhouse Boywonder.

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences logo Ben is one of the 550 members of IADAS (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) and an official judge of the Webby Awards.

Amy Whitehouse

AmyHas no past to speak of, because of her involvement with the United States witness protection program. She currently is not taking classes at UCB NY, nor does she write on this site, nor live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a tastefully appointed apartment. (All of the above has been falsified to protect the innocent, unless you are Christian. Then you have inherited original sin and we really can’t help you. Sorry.)

Amy is currently taking classes at UCB New York and has studied with Shannon O’Neil, Joe Wengert, Chris Gethard, Billy Merritt, Christina Gausas, Michael Delaney, and Anthony King.